Welcome To Aitch


Our name, Aitch, was Hitzges's idea, but it was Bernard's idea to spell it "Aitch". Hitzges says he has been using the symbol for the band Aitch his whole life. The letter itself means creativity and power.

The band plans to schedule fall venues (stay tuned). Then we will go 'underground'. We will be practicing and recording all of the songs as a full band, then create an album. We might even try to put it on iTunes. We will also be learning new songs, but mostly creating our own. This will probably be late fall.

Towards the winter, we will still be semi-underground, only practicing known songs a lot more.

When Spring 2011 comes around, we will try to have an enormous concert, and we will also try to participate in Ida Lee's Battle of the Bands. We might also travel to participate at other Battle of the Bands.

All this depends is on how much we practice, and how much free time we have. We will all try to fit "Band" into this hard schedule.

We are still trying to come up with a good name for the first album. Album art is also going to be decided.

Now that we are all in High School, we are old enough to work. That means that we will be buying a lot of new gear! Jake already bought a new microphone, so we are definitely looking forward to spending money for music!

Be sure to check out our Youtube channel!

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