Jake "Cautious" Hitzges

Vocals/ Bass

Music: Rock and Classic Rock
Restaurant: He hates restaurants
Band: Aitch
Food: Nachos
Subject: Chorus
School: THS
Language: Doesn't like languages
Grade: Freshman
Videogame: doesn't like videogames
Color: red
Brand of Guitar: Ibanez
Brand of Computer: He doesn't know what his computer is.
Cell phone provider: Verizon.
Cell phone brand: I don't konw
Texting Plan: He already told us?
Brand of clothing: Leopard skin
Website: whats a website?
Supermarket: MammothMart
Seasoning: Hates seasoning.
TV Show: He hates TV
Instrument: Turtle shell and Femur Bone
Dry Cleaners: He doesnt go there
Hair style: he doesn't cut his hair
Search Engine: He doesn't know what a search engine is.
Actor: whats an actor?

Aaron "Professional" Bernard

Vocals/ Guitar

Music: 70s/80s Rock/Metal
Restaurant: Macaroni Grill
Subjects: Music, Art
Grade: Freshman
School: Harvard
Production Company: Fox studios
Color of Briefcase: Black
Stock: Microsoft
President: William Taft
Continent: South America
Diploma: Buisiness and music Doctorite
TV show: the office
Actor: George Clooney

Alec "Legit" Husemeier

Food: Asian food
Music: Alternative 70's-Current/ Mainstream Rock/Metal, Ska, Jazz and Reggae.
Band: Aitch, Duhh!
Restaurant: Hard Rock Cafe
Subject: Music; Concert Band, Marching Band, and Art
Grade: Freshman in Highschool
School: THS
Language: Treble Clef
Video Game: Forza Motorsport III
TV show: NCIS
Color: Black Matte
ESP LTD M-1000 Special Edition
Line-6 SPYDR III with Line-6 POD Controller.

Hunter "Gangsta" Sobel

Setup: PDP Birchwood Drumset with Zildjian Cymbals.